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Jay joins the 200mph club

On Tuesday 8th September 2020, 3 DDR vans rolled onto Elvington runway 26.

Jay, Stew & Rik took the "Quarterback Punk" to the Straightliners -Top Speed Tuesday event for some shakedown runs.

With Race fuel added to the 340bhp Turbo Hayabusa, and in near perfect weather conditions, Jay set off for his first run hitting 199.712 mph!

So close to the double tonne, Jay was quickly becoming more confident and relaxed with the bike, and had a 2nd attempt of 217.824 mph! This run, now earning Jay a place in the 200mph club.

The bike was fully checked by the DDR crew after each run, and the target of 224 mph was becoming ever closer. Jay's 3rd run was a whopping 238.951 mph!!!! The target well and truly smashed ! With 2 more runs over 200 mph, but not bettering the 238 mph, it was still mission accomplished,

Thanks to Transit Motorcycles and Mick Ellis from BDR Performance Engineering, also Andy Lincoln Smith for selling us the bike ! #project224 #quarterbackpunk

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