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Demon Designs Racing supports

Martin House

The aim of Martin House is to provide family led care for children with life shortening conditions. It is a place where children, young people and their families can come to stay from time to time along their journey and find support, rest and practical help.

Demon Designs Racing supports

The Existential Biker

 Riding a motorbike takes you places, not only physically but mentally too. On long distances, thoughts pop into your mind, sometimes it's about the washing, sometimes it's about food or often its about the road or road users, particularly when they've driven really considerately. ​But now and again it's about something more than that.

Demon Designs Racing supports




Straightliners Events is the brainchild of ex motorcycle racer and renowned motorsports organisor Trevor Duckworth.
Established over 20 years ago with the ethos of making motorsports events more accessible to motorcycle enthusiasts by removing the red tape yet retaining the safety and all other aspects of a motorsports event that enforced rider and spectator safety. Well, bottom line, it worked and not only has this ethos opened doors to thousands of motorsports enthusiasts but it spawned a cult following of not only Motorcycle fanatics but the tuner car fraternity too.

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