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Demon Designs Racing heads to Austria, for the Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo

As it's Deano's 40th, he took Jay to Austria so they could compete in the Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo Enduro Race. With the van loaded it was off to Eisenerz, Austria, via stopovers in Dover & Frankfurt. With races on Friday & Saturday the boys had a couple of runs up the mountain. The first day had the best conditions thanks to a light drizzle, It was like riding through fog on the second day day due to the dust. Deano finished both days in 1306 place. Jay had a dnf due to a front puncture half way up on the second day after hitting a large rock, putting him 991st out of 1800 riders. They met up with Special fried Mike ( who was spannering for Lyndon Poskitt ) who then accompanied them back to the UK in a non stop run from Austria to Dunkirk !

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