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Demon Designs Racing on record pace

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The iconic Pendine Sands in South Wales was the destination for the DDR racers, Jay, Deano & Stew ( his first time riding a bike for 9 years ! ) on the 17th May 2019 in their quest for Land Speed Records, it's the closest you can get to the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats without being there.

Arriving slightly later than expected, due to numerous poo stops for Ketsey, they met up with the crew from Firing The Judge Films and checked in to the 8 berth static caravan which would be home for the weekend. After a BBQ it was off to the pub for couple of beers and take in the aura of the place.

Saturday's racing was postponed due to safety issues regarding the 3 mile course they were intending to run, this was shortened to 2 miles and the flying mile became a standing mile, better for us, as we had previous form at this distance. Apart from safety issues the Straightliners team also dealt brilliantly with prima donna issues. . . . . .

Just hanging around, waiting to race, is THE worst . . . . spending the time chatting to the other racers, including Kevin Nicks with his Fastest Shed, Terry 'The Sandblaster' Smith, and offering advice to Louisa from The Existential Biker, as it was her first time racing on the hallowed sand.

We had 3 good runs on Saturday afternoon with each of us breaking records at the standing mile and flying quarter mile, but then there was still Sunday . . . . . . . .

Imagine waking up in caravan full of blokes who have consumed a good deal of food and followed it down with a "few" beers in the pub being entertained by the Karaoke. You had to up early too, 7 blokes - 1 toilet, if you were up late . . . .you suffered.

Back on the sand, Sunday morning, all 3 riders went balls out straight away with Jay and Deano clocking their fastest times on the first run. Stew managed to increase the speed of the DDR CBR 400, now in it's 3rd year of competing at Pendine.

Now for the numbers bit.

Jay - Standing Mile - 171.644 Old record - 157.988

Flying 1/4 Mile - 167.699

Deano - Standing Mile - 159.066 Old record - 134.963

Flying 1/4 Mile - 156.300

Stew - Standing Mile - 120.562 Deano 2018 - 120.435 Jay 2017 - 120.327

Flying 1/4 Mile - 119.690

All together, it was a weekend that embodies why Demon Designs Racing exists

Racing - Friends - Good Times

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