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Tough Pendine conditions stop DDR breaking records, but there is a new Queen of the Sand

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

This September, Demon Designs Racing had another fantastic Land Speed Record weekend at Pendine, which for this event, we teamed up with one of our sponsors, The Existential Biker.

Due to the challenging conditions of the sand, no riders were achieving speeds they should have been, each rider only managing approximately 10mph less than usual.

Frustratingly, for the team, both Jay riding the Hayabusa,  and Dean ring the Fireblade, failed to bag a record. Luckily, Stew managed to establish a new class record, even though he faced difficulty himself, with the usually reliable DDR GSXR600, occasionally dropping onto 3 cylinders (it’s had a hard life).

Congratulations Louisa! 

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